Fluoride Treatment Program

Free Fluoride Program and Head Start Dental Screening for children age 0-5
in Hillsdale, Jackson, Branch and Lenawee Counties

The program is to provide a dental decay prevention program for ages 0-5 who do not have a dental home, as well as directing the caregivers to a dental home for these children ie; clinic or dental office. Children as young as 12-18 months of age can get cavities. The incidence of childhood dental decay is much higher in certain high risk populations. The implementation of prevention strategies such as fluoride varnish in the first year of life has the potential to prevent a significant burden of disease. Fluoride varnish is a sticky protective coating that is painted on the teeth to help prevent new cavities and stop cavities that have already started. The varnish releases fluoride over several months which strengthen the teeth. Fluoride varnish can prevent new decay by 60%.

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